Bathtub Remodeling

Bathtub Remodeling? Jacuzzi is a Healthy Choice

Since the first hot tub for home use was manufactured in 1968 (which included a bathtub remodeling), the market for hot tubs has continued to renew and innovate to provide the best products to users. However, until today, it’s strange to find bathroom’s houses designed to receive an eventual jacuzzi, knowing that, rather than a luxury, it is a healthy habit.

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Bathtub with kids

Bathtub Shower: a Great Experience for your Kids

Imagine going into a toy store for buying to your children something for bath time. The most probable is that you will see yourself overwhelmed with not knowing exactly what to buy for your baby. What are the most appreciated toys for him in the bathtub? The first thing we imagine is that he will enjoy much the typical rubber duck, but there are more options. The bathtub shower offered to a child is one of the most beautiful rituals for sharing with him. It could also be much more fun when choosing the proper ‘tools’ for making this experience even better. As we know, some kids love shower time and others, simply, hate it. Well, toys are most needed precisely for the second group of children.

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Tubs & More Supply

A Guide for Choosing Freestanding Bathtubs

Making your bathtub an integral part of your bathroom remodeling is not a bad idea. So if you want a bathtub, you should get one and not wait longer for something that can be done very easily. Currently, in the United States there are many families who want to buy a bathtub for the first time. If you own a house, freestanding bathtubs are a good choice. Do you want to remodel anything in your home? Why not in your bathroom? Well, in this article we offer some tips if you are thinking in a new bathtub.

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Tubs & More Father’s Day

Tubs & More Father’s Day – Bathtub Summer Specials

Tubs & More is currently offering summer promotions on bathtub, shower and Jacuzzi-style indoor plumbing and fixtures for Father’s Day.  Come see our vast selection of bathtubs, showers and faucets in our Weston showroom.  We feature the latest makes and models of luxurious bathtubs and showers from major brands such as Acryline, Madeli, Jetta, and Fleurco!

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can guide you in the right direction and help you select the right tub for your style, budget, or both.  Since 1986 we have been providing the highest quality selection matched with reasonable prices for the South Florida area.  If you are a contractor, homeowner, or interior designer – you will love our extensive selection in our beautiful, spacious showroom.

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Jetta Whirlpool Tubs

A New Generation of Jetta Whirlpool Tubs

In general, there are two basic types of designs for hot tubs: original bathtub designs that come from the 60s, and jetta whirlpool tubs (a novelty that appeared in the mid-90s). Although it has been more than 50 years, the original concept of hot tub remains almost the same, but with new designs adapted to the new fashion trends and discoveries about comfort and safety, making this experience even more pleasant.

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