10 Reasons To Choose A Freestanding Bathtub

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Ah, the freestanding bathtub. It’s a beautiful luxury. I will warn you that they are not always practical – When a freestanding tub has to double as a shower stall base it can be tough to make the curtain work in your favor, and there is limited space for standing.However, if you have the room for a tub that’s separate go for it. There are plenty of gorgeous new tubs on the market, and plenty of vintage beauties if you are willing to dig a bit. Simply take it to be glazed and you’ll have a tub that looks like it cost ten times what you’ve paid. I highly recommend it. Here are just a few reasons why:
1. Spaciousness. All of that area around and beneath this tub make the room look airy and larger than it is.


2. Sculpture. The shape of this tub plays so nicely off the geometric patterns in the floor and wall tiles.


3. A dash of metal. This tub has a beautiful reflective quality.


4. Nostalgia. This blue clawfoot gives a fun dash of vintage style to this bathroom.
This black tub blends nicely with the floor, exaggerating the height of the narrow white space.
5. Elegance. This tub is perfectly paired with a chandelier.
6. Drama. This tub is able to perch upon some interesting rough stone.




7. You’ll want to keep the door open. With a view of a tub like this, you’ll want to show it off.
8. Home Spa. This room looks like it belongs in an extravagant retreat in New Mexico.




9. Showing off your tile. Instead of hogging up all the floor space, this clawfoot tub leaves room for the pattern on the floor to continue uninterrupted.



10. An excuse to use a beautiful faucet like this one.



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