In general, there are two basic types of designs for hot tubs: original bathtub designs that come from the 60s, and jetta whirlpool tubs (a novelty that appeared in the mid-90s). Although it has been more than 50 years, the original concept of hot tub remains almost the same, but with new designs adapted to the new fashion trends and discoveries about comfort and safety, making this experience even more pleasant.

The free-standing bathtub has revolutionized the way people install jetta whirlpool tubs. Free standing bathtubs are not technically considered a fixture; the installation has more in common with a washing machine than a recessed bathtub. They are built atop a stainless steel tubular frame which gives the unit added stability and elevation. In this way, the unit can utilize any existing drain beneath the base.

Just based on ease of installation, free-standing whirlpool bathtubs have become more popular than their old fashion drop in cousins. Since free-standing jetta whirlpool tubs are supported by a tubular frame, there is also additional room for features that until recently could not be found in any bathtub. Chromo therapy lighting, FM radio, speakers and waterproof televisions are just a few extras that can be found in today’s free-standing jetted bathtubs.

Although they may not appeal to everyone, these new futuristic bathtubs have made quite a splash with the tech and gadget crowd. Technically, savvy bathers are not the only ones who gravitate towards the new self-supporting tubs, interior designers and builders alike favor them for their ease of installation, low-cost and a wide variety of designs and styles. Unlike drop in Jacuzzi bathtubs, free-standing units do not just come in a few standard sizes; they are literally thousands of styles ranging from claw foot antique style jetta whirlpool tubs to units inspired by our favorite aquatic life.

Compared to a standard whirlpool bath installation, a free-standing jetta whirlpool tubs only takes a small fraction of the time, and they are designed for quick and easy remodeling. The tubular frame has adjustable feet so the tubs can always be leveled even if your floor is not. The drain stub is also elevated, and if there is an existing drain sitting underneath the base of the tub, it can be attached easily with a Fernco connection. The water lines are connected via metal braided hoses ( 1/2′ hot and cold). The electrical on free-standing bathtubs ranges from unit to unit, but many of them can simply be plugged into a standard outlet.

The standard installation time for a prepped free-standing whirlpool bath is around 15 minutes to an hour. Overall if you are in the market for a jetta whirlpool tubs, you might want to consider a free-standing model. You will save money along virtually every part of the process as well as time and frustration. You will also find the selection of models, styles and colors to be superior to the traditional style bathtub.

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