Updating bathrooms and kitchens have always been the focal point to increase home value and a return on investment (ROI). Ways to do this are changing the layout to add more room or by merely changing the accessories, such as fixtures, and plumbing. Once you decide where to start, determine the costs, and budget to make your project become a reality.

Where and How to Start a bathroom makeover?

Visiting a plumbing showroom would give you an idea of the number of choices and best plumbing showroombudget you need to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen areas. Tubs and More, located in Sunrise Florida has a fully functional design showroom with everything you need to transform your home to a luxurious environment. With more than 700 bathtubs styles and 60 on the floor display, you can try the Jacuzzi’s right in there.

To make it even better, this is the one stop shop for builders to purchase at discounted prices everything related to bathroom and kitchen makeovers. The general public can also purchase at discounted prices, any of their decorative plumbing fixtures on display. This is the showroom where every style is covered.

The average cost of a bathroom makeover ranges between $3,000 to $12,000 depending on how much plumbing or electrical work is needed. However, the resale value of your home can increase and recoup the money once is sold. If you have basic construction-related skills, you can probably handle the small changes such as fixtures and tile work; however, when it comes to tearing out walls or moving existing plumbing from one place to another, it’s better to hire a contractor and plumber.

Factors to consider in your bathroom and kitchen makeover

best plumbing showroomNeutral colors allow the buyers to imagine themselves in the bathroom or kitchen space. To achieve that, avoid trendy materials and designs because everyone’s taste is different.

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