If an English town such as Bath, known worldwide by tourists for its well-preserved Roman baths, provides services of bathtub showers in their hotels, is for something. A back or sore joint in these hotels receive the necessary relief. Perhaps, giving relief is not one of the main functions of a hotel, this business is not only about housing. Giving moments of pleasure and relaxation to customers is also a fact for having in mind.

The city of Bath, formerly, and for pretty obvious reasons, known as “Bath Spa”, is a delight. Its attractions range from old cobbled streets and thin alleyways, to lanes winding, hidden parks and little squares. Of course, we can not forget the most wonderfully preserved Roman baths in the UK receiving millions of tourists every year. However, each one of them seeks an accommodation in a hotel equipped with bathtub showers. In these areas, steam shower and hydromassage can be enjoyed.

Obviously, such a tourist-heavy environment has beds and hotels for every budget and most tastes. Whatever the size of one’s wallet, a stay in a proper spa hotel is worth every penny -particularly in Bath, the home of the whole idea of the spa. With the Roman Baths only meters away, it seems foolish to ignore the opportunity to stay in this glorious little city in any other way. Just as the baths have their marvellous yellow stone walls, their warm lights, and their limpid green waters; so does Bath spa hotel have an unmistakable atmosphere thanks to their bathtub showers.

Old world, in the definitively modern surroundings of a hotel that knows what’s what. Every bath spa hotel has an impeccable blend of the old feel with the newest of new modern conveniences – some more impeccable than others. In particular, Harrington’s Hotel (exclusively located down a practically invisible alleyway just seconds walk from the Baths) manages this transition from the “feel” that a place like Jane Austen has, to the luxuries modern guests expect.

Not the only Bath spa hotel, but one of the best, Harrington’s welcomes guests into corridors and ample reception areas reminiscent of the Roman Baths: then ushers them into rooms with massage bathtub showers and other spa functions where every little detail, though perfectly in keeping with the feel of the place, screams “modern”.

That is the kind of place Bath is. It is managed to walk the line between old and new with so much success that half the time people do not even notice it. They do not realize how incongruous it ought to be, sipping trendy cocktails in a painfully glitzy wine bar installed in a 300 year old building on a cobbled street: because that wine bar, like the whole city, has managed its chameleon trick with ease. The bar, the spa and the cobbled street all feel right because everything in Bath just fits. Such as the infrared saunas in Bath, it is perfect to enjoy the sauna treatment there. There’s nowhere like it, not in England and not in the world. Also, there’s no hotel like a hotel with bathtub showers.

Getting a hotel right in the center of things is a real treat and a perfect counterpoint to the bustle of a day out. Wander the streets, visit the baths and check out the wine bars and cocktail places. Then, step a few short meters around to a practically hidden corner to the most luxurious temporary home where its quiet corridors are the perfect antidote to rush and clamour outside. That is what a spa hotel is all about: and that is why a hotel with bathtub shower is the best offer.

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