Remodel Your Old Fashion Bathroom with Beautiful Bathtubs

Are you searching for beautiful bathtubs? If so, Tubs and More can help! Nothing feels nicer than coming home after a hectic day and have a warm bath in a beautiful bathtub. This is undoubtedly the desire of virtually everyone but can be a big challenge if your bathroom is old-fashioned and the tub isn’t looking appealing. Bathrooms are an essential part of a home, and adding a beautiful bathtub can be a chance to be innovative and creative. However, planning a makeover and choosing a beautiful bathtub for your remodeling project can be extremely overwhelming considering many choices of tubs available in the market. With that being said, read carefully and consider following these tips!

Remodel Your Old Fashion Bathroom With Beautiful BathtubsA. Bathtubs Styles

The recessed tub: This is the most affordable and accessible kind of bathtub. It features a decorated outer side plus three (3) sides attached to the surrounding walls. It also features shower heads attached to a wall, providing you with both a bathtub and a shower in one. The recessed tub is a space saver as it adequately fits into a compact space. If you are trying to manage your small bathroom space effectively, then consider the recessed bathtub.

Remodel Your Old Fashion Bathroom With Beautiful BathtubsFreestanding tubs: This tub does not depend on frames or walls, so it makes a good choice if you desire flexibility when remodeling your old fashioned bathroom. As the name implies, freestanding tubs either have four (4) legs and can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom due to their distinct feature or have a flat surface and stand on its own. 

Drop-in whirlpool tub: Drop-in tubs are usually built into a raised frame or the floor. It gives your bathroom a clutter-free look with a jacuzzi feeling and waterjet features. Drop-in tubs are not easy to fit compared to the recessed tubs or freestanding tubs but a Remodel Your Old Fashion Bathroom With Beautiful Bathtubsbathtub installation technician can do it for you.

B. Bathtub Materials

Bathtubs are made of different materials. If you want a bathtub that can last for many years, I will recommend you go for cast-iron or steel bathtubs. They have both been tested and confirmed to do a great job.

C. Bathroom Space

Remodel Your Old Fashion Bathroom With Beautiful BathtubsBathtubs can take up a lot of space. Before you commit to a tub, make sure you consider the available space in your existing bathroom.

D. Other Bathroom Décor Accessories

Even though it may seem to be of slight concern, you need to put color into consideration. If the color of the new bathtub doesn’t perfectly blend with your bathroom, you could be looking at some expensive remodeling costs.

Tubs and More – Beautiful Bathtubs

Bathtubs remain the focus of the entire bathroom and a great addition if you want to change your bathroom style significantly. If you are looking for reliable bathroom remodeling service providers, do not hesitate to contact us at 954-423-2250 or visit our plumbing showroom at 1387 Shotgun Rd, Sunrise, FL 33326