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A beautiful bathroom catches the attention of most visitors. However, if you don’t have one, the bathroom area is a good starting point to begin a makeover on a home. Bathroom Best Plumbing Showroom For Your Next Bathroom Makeoverremodeling is an ideal home improvement to increase the value of a property with the benefit of recovering the money when is time to sell it. Minor repairs involving fixing leaks and damages can be carried out on your own, but if you are planning to go for a complete makeover, Tubs and More can help! If it’s involving a change in layout, designer bathroom fixtures, and a new bathtub visit the best plumbing showroom located right in Weston, Florida.

Best Plumbing Showroom For Your Next Bathroom Makeover

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Tubs and More has all you need to transform your bathroom into a place where you can relax and indulge in luxury. Based on the bathroom layout, our assistants will help you determine what you need for a cohesive overall look based on the color walls; tile floors and wall artwork.

We carry a variety of faucets, bathtubs, designer sinks fancy shower fixtures and other bathroom gadgets that will fit in the biggest and tiniest spaces. Our specialist will make sure your remodeled bathroom reflects your envisioned idea, taste and personality and of course, within budget.

Best Plumbing Showroom For Your Next Bathroom MakeoverOur best seller items are the Hydro Massage Bathtubs. They add extra relaxation to ease any body part that is aching or needs extra pampering. Come to our showroom and feel free to try the bliss of the powerful water jets soothing your entire body. Imagine taking a bath every day after work and taking away any worries carried throughout the day. You’ve never known until you try one of the many models we carry out in our showroom.

Tubs N More Best Plumbing Showroom

We keep in mind the functionality of your bathroom when going for our products. From steam showers to Jacuzzi bathtubs, you will find anything you need in our plumbing showroom. Buy where the builders buy! Give your bathroom an extreme makeover and give it a luxurious feel.

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