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Bathrooms shouldn’t just be lavish, they need to offer a top-class experience. Everything, from bathtubs to sink, toilets, and faucets should work in harmony to provide the user with a sense of sophistication and elegance. Artos faucets offer exactly that. They make top-notch faucets for residential and commercial bathrooms that are built to last for years and have incredible aesthetics to them. The out of the box designs of these faucets with varying finishes, operating mechanisms, and shapes are something to marvel at.

Artos faucets are well-built, and they don’t lose their shine or coating no matter how many hands touch them. A few puffs of a cleaner and a quick wipe will make them as good as new. From square to flat and rounded, you can get Artos faucets in any shape you like depending on how your bathroom space is decorated. The best part is they’re incredibly affordable.

These faucets look extravagant, feel lavish, and last for a long time but they are very light on the pocket, that’s the unique selling point of Artos. They are a family-owned company so their margins are fair, which ultimately benefits the end-user. Moreover, their roots are from Europe - Italy to be precise, which is reflected in their products’ designs.

Besides their beautiful collection of faucets, we also have Artos’ towel stands and warmers to compliment your bathroom décor with top-notch designs and build quality. Feel free to check them out below, select your product and get in touch with us.

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