Maintenance: Tips for Cleaning Bathtubs

Maintenance: Tips For Cleaning Bathtubs

When it is time to clean the bathroom, everyone in the family has something else to do. Definitely, it is not the same as watering the garden or walking the dog. However, this is an activity that should be done at least once a week or more if you have a large family. That is […]

Everything About Clawfoot Bathtubs

Everything About Clawfoot Bathtubs

It is not just a matter of style or design. Neither only about the material from which the bathtub will eventually be chosen. The location, price and many more considerations are necessary to have in hand when you are thinking of clawfoot bathtubs. There is also one more fact: if you see some people really […]

A Guide for Choosing Freestanding Bathtubs

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Making your bathtub an integral part of your bathroom remodeling is not a bad idea. So if you want a bathtub, you should get one and not wait longer for something that can be done very easily. Currently, in the United States there are many families who want to buy a bathtub for the first […]

The History of Bathtub Shower

The History Of Bathtub Shower

If you have ever asked yourself why do you love so much bathtub showers (just in case you wonder about those kind of things), we can make a little bit of history, just to show you that mankind has loved it since thousands of years ago. But when did it become popular in a civilization? […]