Since the first hot tub for home use was manufactured in 1968 (which included a bathtub remodeling), the market for hot tubs has continued to renew and innovate to provide the best products to users. However, until today, it’s strange to find bathroom’s houses designed to receive an eventual jacuzzi, knowing that, rather than a luxury, it is a healthy habit.

The Benefits of Using a Jacuzzi for Bathtub Remodeling

That’s why, through bathtub remodeling, more and more people are installing home bathtubs or hydro-massage cabins to take advantage of the many benefits of the tub without having to go to a spa.

Currently there are many experts who have openly acknowledged the benefits of Jacuzzi or hot tub, considering it as an excellent therapy to help prevent the effects of diseases such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, in addition to the physical pain caused by muscle and poor hygiene or postural fast pace of daily life.

A hot tub water pressure installed in your home with a bathtub remodeling can bring you relaxing moments with its 102 º F temperature, creating pleasurable massaging effects. This will eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation with a feeling of well-being. In many specialized centers is recommended to also use the sauna or steam room.

This treatment also has many benefits recognized since antiquity, as well as purify the skin and the body in general, regulates blood pressure and improves breathing by dilating the bronchi. A study from the Mayo Clinic in the United States ensures that the jacuzzi also relieves headaches, chronic fatigue and digestive problems. Most important is that it is a natural therapy without side effects. Do you still doubt about a bathtub remodeling?

But the benefits of a bathtub remodeling is not only here, since according to renowned medical centers hot tub can be an excellent treatment for diabetics since it helps to reduce blood sugar levels, and is an excellent partner for all those with mobility problems by allowing them to exercise the body in the water.

The spa benefits in your home through a bathtub remodeling go beyond relaxation, so we recommend you read this tips:


Bathtub Remodeling Benefits
The spa offers many benefits to our body, both physically and mentally.
Some of these benefits that we can take advantage of are:
• Helps eliminate stress, one of the great evils of our time.
• The receiving massage helps relieve anxiety and muscle tension.
• The tub activates blood circulation.
• Hot water opens the pores, which facilitates the elimination of toxins.
• The pressure of the water jets can help to combat cellulite.
• Helps skin regeneration, healing ulcers and wounds, and gives elasticity.
• Give us a whirlpool bath can help us sleep more easily.
• Advisable for fractures and sprains.
• Relieve headaches, stomach ulcers and chronic pain.
• Strengthens muscles.
• Ideal for improving joint flexibility.
• The spa has a soothing and anti-inflammatory.

Tips to make the most of your home jacuzzi through your bathtub remodeling.
For the benefits we must take two or three baths a week and last for 15 or 20 minutes, and we must consider:
• Monitor water temperature (between 35 and 37 ° C.)
• Locate comfortably in the bath by immersing the body everything it can.
• The need to regulate the intensity and the position of water jets.
• The massage system should not be activated until there is enough water.
• We should not be in the bathroom more than 20 minutes.
• If we use very hot water should shorten the duration of the bath.
• We should not use the hot tub if we are tired or under the influence of any medication, could fainting.
• If pregnancy is not advisable activation whirlpool jets.
• If you have heart problems or hypertension, consult a specialist whether or not to use the whirlpool baths.
• Listen to relaxing music good that our bathroom we get it much more pleasant and enjoyable.
• If we add to bath water with essential oils and minerals will increase the benefits of the tub.

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