In our cultural imaginary, there are many symbols of power, elegance or seduction; among many others. Some of them combine several meanings, depending on the context in which they are used.

A claw, of course, is not the same in a karate school that in a palace with European reminiscences. And that is why we find that a clawfoot bathtub transports us to a world of luxury and elegance, but with enough burden to also be ludic and, above all, aesthetically appropriate in a bathroom or space decorated with personality and good taste.

These kinds of tubs are comprised of either cast iron or acrylic and stand on four legs or feet that are referred to as claw, hence the word claw foot. A clawfoot bathtub possess a particular rustic aura or ambiance about them; therefore suggests eras as far back as the Medieval times and even connoting the Victorian Age. Presently, washing in a bath tub such as the claw foot will certainly have you feeling like you’re a royalty taking her most valuable bath.

Clawfoot bathtubs are typically categorized into two: a slipper tub, and a toll top tub. Before you decide to consider buying any of these, take into account these things about them:

A slipper tub will have a superior back rest on one or both ends; this is for the bather to relax against. This style of clawfoot bathtub is generally more comfortable if the bather sits there for a long period of time. However, you will need to remember that water depth in this fashion of tub, since the back rest will frequently rise higher compared to water level, therefore leaving a taller bather half from the water.

A roll top, on the other hand, is one that is typically one height all around, with a rolled rim, or edge bringing the interior of the clawfoot bathtub up and over the top to become part of the outside. These tubs comes in multiple lengths and depths, and the good news is that it can accommodate two bathers at the same time.

These clawfoot bathtub are usually produced out of 1 or 2 materials, namely cast iron or acrylic. Still some are manufactured from other forms of materials like the copper or bronze, but then always be prepared to visit a clawfoot made from cast iron or acrylic. Well, immediately one cant differentiate between a tub made from cast iron and a tub made out of acrylic, because both have a white surface.

The cast iron is the traditional material that is used within the productions of clawfoots. These kinds have a solid along with a heavy construction which definitely make them very sturdy and less at risk of tipping or shifting. To safeguard the cast iron, they usually come with a porcelain coating. They are heavy and this causes it to be hard to install in the bathroom that is located at the second or third floor of the home. You need to have also a very solid and firm in order to support the weight of the clawfoot bathtub.

The acrylic clawfoot bathtub, however, is often as much as 50% lighter than its counterpart. So they really are easily carried to the bathroom, wherever in the home it may be. And they are more fitted for an upstairs bathroom; and since they dont have any metal part in it, they are safe from rusting or deteriorating. They are able to last loner than the cast iron ones. But on the side, this light and soft section of acrylic may also have its advantage. When they are installed in glazed tiles, they can shift and some acrylic can even tip over in certain situations, therefore it is a good idea to have them bolt down the floor, so long as possible.

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