Cold Plunge Ice Bath Tubs

Add Cold Plunge to almost any Hydro System Bathtub

Are you ready to invigorate your senses and rejuvenate your body with cold water therapy? Look no further, we bring the exhilaration of icy waters to your home using beautifully designed Hydro System bathtubs.
Jason Hydrotherapy Microsilk Bathtubs


Cold Plunge Hydro Systems can reduce the water temperature down to 37°F

Jason Hydrotherapy Microsilk Bathtubs


Safe and easy to use. Treat health conditions or stimulate health benefits with cold hydrotherapy.

Jason Hydrotherapy Microsilk Bathtubs


Planning ahead to include this wellness option is easy than ever before.

Superior Quality

Design styles are limitless

Choose a tub that fits your style

We take pride in delivering top-of-the-line ice baths that are meticulously designed for comfort, durability, and safety. Crafted from premium materials, our baths ensure a sublime experience that will withstand the test of time

Cold Plunge Ice Bathtubs
Cold Plunge Ice Bathtubs

Benefits of Cold Bath Therapy

Cold Plunge Baths can reduce pain and inflammation. Ice bath studies have also shown a boost in immune system to prevent you from catching cold viruses and other infections. Cold water therapy’s advantages extend beyond muscle and joint pain. Many use cold water therapy as a way to become more mindful and in tune with their bodies. Some use regular ice baths to help them sleep better and/or lower their stress levels.

Cold Plunge with Hydro-Sytems

Cold water therapy using Hydro-System bathtubs allows the practice of using water that’s around 59°F or less (15°C) to treat health conditions or stimulate health benefits. Choose a tub that fits your style and home.

Cold Plunge Ice Bathtubs

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