Copper Bathtubs – Copper Bathtub

copper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper Bathtub

Why Choose a Copper Bath?

copper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper BathtubCopper baths are the ultimate in luxury bathroom products. They provide a stunning centrepiece for your bathroom that will impress anyone who uses your bathroom. The problem with many modern bathrooms is that the bath is usually your standard white acrylic version, mostly in a rectangle shape. Combining this with a white bathroom makes what should be a comforting personal space into a very clinical place that you may not want to spend much time in. Copper baths provide a stunningly different appearance to your bathroom, and when you decorate your bathroom around this centrepiece you could end up with a bathroom that you may not want to ever leave!Obviously it’s not just good looks that you want from a bath (although it’s certainly an important factor!), it has to actually be comfortable enough to have a good long soak in. A good copper bath will provide a self indulgent and lavish bathing experience time and time again, and the shape of the bath helps contribute to this. A slipper bath, for example, has high sloped sides that allows you to slowly sink into a deep warm bath (see the top of the page for a picture of a slipper bath). Copper baths are also heat retentive, so your water stays warmer for a longer period. You do have to get out of it sometime though!Copper has long lasting durability and will undergo limited corrosion, which makes it the perfect material to construct a bath with. Some baths are also manufactured from a smooth non – porous high gloss acrylic, which provides long lasting durability that cannot be achieved by cast iron, pressed steel and surfaced coated baths. You will also get dinks and dents on some copper baths, but given that copper baths are mostly handmade this should be expected and adds to the character. Copper baths add a rustic look to your bathroom, and rustic is supposed to look natural and imperfect. This is why you shouldn’t worry too much about scratches, because they will eventually blend back into the colour of the baths surface.

Of course, there is a barrier to entry when it comes to purchasing a copper bath. Copper is an expensive material, which unfortunately ups the selling price of a copper bath. Consider this though; you’re buying a copper bath as an investment as in all probability you won’t have to replace one as often as a standard acrylic bath. In fact the older a copper bath gets the more character is added to it, so if you’re after that completely rustic look then keeping your copper bath around for the long haul will give you that.


Cleaning and Caring for your Copper Bath

copper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper BathtubBecause copper baths can be a bit on the pricey side you want to feel safe knowing that you can maintain it simply and correctly. Thankfully you don’t have to worry as maintaining and cleaning a copper bath is easy and doesn’t require any expensive products.To clean your copper bath you simply need a mild detergentcopper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper Bathtub and some warm water. You need to get a soft cloth (a flannel is best) and proceed to wipe around the inner surface of the bath. Make sure you wear gloves when doing this, and also make sure to completely rinse the detergent out of the bath afterwards.A mild detergent should be used because other cleaning productscopper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper Bathtub can damage the copper bath. Degreasers and corrosive cleaners, as well as ammonia or acid-based cleaners should never be used on your copper bath as they can cause irreparable damage to the surface. Likewise, abrasive scrubbers such as steel wool will scratch the surface. It’s simple to clean your bath, so don’t go trying any untested methods as you may be left with an expensive dud on your hands.

If you live in an area that has high mineral content in the water then additional maintenance will be required. This is because mineral deposits can be left on the surface of the bath after the bath has drained, but it’s easy to prevent this. All you have to do is wipe the bath dry after using it to make sure that the surface of your bath remains smooth and clean. Even if you don’t have high mineral content it’s probably worth doing this anyway, plus when you combine it with rinsing with water you can wash away any excess soap or dirt that can build up on the bath and dull what should be a nice healthy shine.

For even better protection you may want to consider waxing your copper bath. A high quality wax not only helps prevent mineral deposits but also helps prevents scratches. You don’t have to do this often, but when you notice that beads of water are no longer forming on the surface of your bath you should get ready to give it another coat.

As copper scratches easily it’s not really worth the time trying to repair them. Part of the charm of a copper bath is its rustic appearance, so you should expect scratches, dinks and dents as part of the character. Scratches eventually blend into the bath as the appearance changes over time.

If you follow these steps then your copper bath should remain looking clean and shiny for many years to come!


Complete The Look With a Copper Basin

copper bathtub, Copper Bathtubs – Copper BathtubNow that you have a copper bath you can complete your new rustic look of your bathroom by twinning it with a copper basin. As with copper baths there are many different styles and sizes of copper basins, but ultimately they require the same care that a copper bath does.The best thing about copper basins is that they don’t show fingerprints, something you’ll get a lot with a stainless steel basin. Plus, stains don’t show up as easily as they would with a white acrylic basin, but obviously it still needs regular cleaning. Like copper baths copper basins will become darker and richer in character overtime, which means that both your basin and bath will be unlike anything else. Your neighbour might have a copper bath or basin, but they certainly won’t look the same!Copper basins can mix with both traditional and contemporary settings, so you can be sure this is one product – as with baths – that will never go out of fashion.



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