It is not just a matter of style or design. Neither only about the material from which the bathtub will eventually be chosen. The location, price and many more considerations are necessary to have in hand when you are thinking of clawfoot bathtubs. There is also one more fact: if you see some people really enjoying its clawfoot bathtubs, this includes its maintenance. Not in an exaggerated way, but is a factor to consider.

Materials Used to Make Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot bathtubs are made of two main types of materials: cast iron and acrylic. Acrylic tubs are becoming popular for use in modern homes, while cast iron tubs are typically more traditional and used in both new homes and older restored homes.

Cast iron tubs: Cast iron clawfoot tubs are heavier and are often an accurate reproduction of actual antique tubs. Antique clawfoot tubs were made of extremely heavy cast iron, and coated with beautiful white porcelain that is cool to the touch. Cast iron tubs make good choices for bath areas that call for shower enclosures. The cast iron walls easily support a shower enclosure mounted through faucet holes in the tub wall or tub rim.

Acrylic tubs: Acrylic tubs come in many modern styles, and are typically lighter weight. Manufacturers are now producing new acrylic versions of classic style clawfoot tubs that retain the charm of the old tubs without their heavy weight. Acrylic material is a good thermal insulator, which can help water stay warm longer. Since acrylic tubs weigh less than cast iron tubs, they are easier to maneuver upstairs for second story bathrooms.

Adding a Faucet to Your Clawfoot Bathtub

There are several faucet options when adding a clawfoot tub faucet to your bathtub. You can choose to mount it on the tub wall, on the tub deck or rim, or you can choose to have a freestanding tub filler. Many tubs are available with all of these drilling options.

Clawfoot bathtubs typically require no more maintenance than a standard drop-in tub. Both cast iron tubs and acrylic clawfoot bathtubs are easy to clean, and are stain-resistant when they are maintained properly. Keeping these things in mind while buying a clawfoot bathtub will help make a decision based on your own requirements and tastes. Whether you are going for traditional Victorian style, or a modern, updated look, a freestanding or clawfoot bathtub is an easy and affordable solution for remodeling your bathroom.

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