Health Benefits of Owning a Freestanding Bathtub

Are you considering to purchase a freestanding bathtub? Hot baths are usually the quickest alternative to relaxation beside yoga sessions or a sauna therapy. As scientifically Health Benefits Of Owning A Freestanding Bathtubproven, in 2002 a University of Wolverhampton study, suggested that a daily bath, usually at the end of the day, would significantly improve the mood and optimism of the participants. Findings were attributed to a combination of physical comfort, warmth, isolation, and a laying body positioning.

So what is the correlation between a laying down position, a water warm temperature habitat, and a “me time” moment? It goes back to the early associations mimicking the warm conditions of the womb. Some scholars think that this particular positioning gives us a sensation of security.

Health Benefits Of Owning A Freestanding BathtubAlso, baths could relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis or other skin conditions due to the medicated ointments added to the water to moisturize the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells, removing any cause of infection.

Prescribed bleach baths, based on Stanford researchers found that these baths killed in 0.005 percent the eczema bacteria, dampening the inflammation, and reducing pain and swelling. However, it’s not recommended if you’re not suffering from serious dermatitis, and it’s best to consult your dermatologist before attempting this baths.

Regarding muscle pain, heat or lactic acid baths should be equivalent to a “hot pack” raising the temperature of the aching muscles, and blocking the pain sensors and producing pain relief.

Health Benefits Of Owning A Freestanding BathtubBut what about cold baths? Athletes, though, are more likely to throw themselves into a cold bath, to lower the levels of lactic acid in their bloodstream. The cold temperature constricts blood vessels and drains the lactic acid build up during intense exercise. After the cold bath therapy, new blood and free of acid build-up the recovery athletes time significantly improves.

If you have problems falling asleep, hot baths before going to bed can solve this issue. A good night’s sleep is associated with health benefits, better immune system, and pain recovery. Heated baths before bed are a good way to ensure a good night sleep. However, don’t overheat yourself in the bathtub, though, or you’ll be revved up instead of chilled out.

Health Benefits Of Owning A Freestanding BathtubIf you have a cold, the inhalation of steam is an excellent remedy. Clearing the nasal passages can reduce inflammation, and it’s recommended to keep yourself warm when your immune system is low from a virus. Studies showed that an elevated body temperature helps certain elements of your immune system to function better, helping the fight off infections. Warm baths make immune systems work better.

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