Finally, investing in a good bathtub is practically an investment in real estate, as the price of your house can be increased by that fact alone. And if, in addition, this bathtub is installed in a enough large room to make the bathing experience a trip to another world (a world of relaxation away from the noise and hectic bustle that cities impose on their workers), better for you and your family. So, if possible, think not only in the bathtub but in the space it will occupy, because a bathtub remodeling will not only enhance your relaxing experience, but multiply the value of your home.

If your home has more than one bathroom and you’re remodeling one of them with a cabin or rustic theme, these bathtub selection tips may help you save money and achieve the look you want in your bathtub remodeling.

There are many styles of bathtubs. You will either want to shop around at the home renovation stores, or visit a few websites online to find the bathtub – style and size – that will fit into your room and decor. Doing this will save you time and money in the long run (unless you are hiring a project decorator or contractor for a bathtub remodeling).

In most cases bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a house but they make huge impact on the resale value of your home. Before purchasing or deciding on any particular bathtub, consider enlarging the room with a bathtub remodeling. Bathtubs also come in a variety of colors and texture, features and enhancements.

Since bathtubs are akin to relaxation (vs. the shower that is just about getting clean – fast), if you can afford the price and floor space with a bathtub remodeling, consider one of the larger models. A bathtub provides a great soak after a long hard day’s work, relaxing your body and, if given enough time, relaxing your mind as well. Adding bubbles and essential oils, some soft music in the background and a dim light nearby, will set the tone for peace and relaxation.

Reasons for a Bathtub Remodeling

When selecting a bathtub for personal use consider comfort first. Dimension, depth and shape are considerations. Extra large bathtubs exist for two people, installed jets for deeper muscle relaxation. Consider as well that larger boned or bodied home owners enjoy soaking in larger and deeper than average bath tubs.  Go ahead with that bathtub remodeling if there’s the possibility.

The average bathtub is approximately fourteen inches in width and seventeen inches in-depth. European baths are standard eighteen inches.

If you already have a large bathroom or if you are expanding the space with a bathtub remodeling, you have already factored in construction, but consider as well some custom and do it yourself bathtub options. As an example of this I just finished reading an article about a full-sized bathtub, made of specialty concrete, that contained Pex tubing within the walls of the tub. Pex tubing, for the record, is primarily used for in-floor heating. Just imagine the possibilities a renovation can bring to your overall value of your home, before shopping for and deciding upon cabin decor.

Another great way to update your bathroom is to install new bathtub faucets. You can easily do this yourself, and there are a variety of faucets on the market that fit perfectly with cabin decor. Begin with an online search for bathtub remodeling ideas, tips and products. The tools you need to do the job yourself requires little more than standard tools – with the addition of some silicone bathroom caulking (or plumber’s putty) and thread sealer.

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