Tubs & More is currently offering several promotions on their larger bathtubs and shower accessories such as fixtures and faucets! In this post we intend to inform you of ways to increase the value of your home. We feature top of the line bathtubs, sink and shower faucets and fixtures to help you get more bang for your buck.


Bathtubs are one of the best ways to increase home value as they can often showcase as a key feature to any living situation. Having a larger bathtub is a luxury, and while it’s worth its weight for investment, it can also be extremely therapeutic! We have all strived to be more relaxed in life, and nothing makes this more possible than hot steaming baths.


Faucets contain that wow factor in any bathroom, no matter how big or small. Faucets and other attention to detail in the bathroom will say something about you. It will assume that you care so much about the appearance of the home that any guest or even prospective buyer will know that you mean business when it comes to your home. It makes investors feel better about the kind of person who lived in it before them and sure about the quality of things they haven’t seen in the home yet.


You may not think it, but the quality and design of our sink say a lot about our taste and attention to detail. Sometimes the more simple the design, the more beautiful. In other cases, the compact is better, and the difference depends on what you’re looking for vs. how much space you have. We offer custom-designed sinks that will add flair to your bathroom and bring out the most value possible for your home.

Bigger Tub Bigger Savings!

Whether you are looking for a new tub, shower, toilet, or just remodeling, Tubs & More can be a valuable resource when purchasing a new bathroom fixture or bathtub. Call us today at 1-800-991-2284 any of our sales team can help you make the right choice in your next home project or new bathroom installation.