Our Team

Doug Johnson

DOUG started his business in 1986 after running a manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale for a friend. Along with his wife Jayne they started Tubs and More calling on Builders and Plumber’s in the tri-county area. We now have Trevor our son working with us, Maui who is our mascot -Jan who’s been with us for almost 15 years Rodney who’s been with us for three years and Katie has been with us for more than two years we have probably the best team that we’ve ever had in the history of Tubs and More. We have a few lines that are special to us and we sell them at builder cost. We have a lot of builders and designers that send their clients to us because they trust us!! In most cases if we get your business once you’ll be a customer for life. We have the best customer service in our industry. We’d love to add you to our list of happy customers

Jayne Johnson

Jayne runs the office and showroom along with Katie and our team. Jayne being married to Doug for 34 years is a feat in itself !  We are blessed with our wonderful business and terrific customers, please tell your friends about Tubs and More.


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Gerardo comes to us from another plumbing supplier with great knowledge and willingness to learn more as he grows with Tubs and More. He’s from Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish as his first language which helps him Immensely in our Latino filled World. His first day in the job he wrote a 4400.00 order in less than one hour. Looking forward to great things with him


Trevor is Dougs favorite son. he started cleaning the warehouse and driving the forklift at age 6. He’s been driving our delivery truck for the past few years and now doing showroom sales. He will love to have your business !


Jan has been with us for 13 years selling to our custom home builders and interior designers. She will get you in and out quickly and have an estimate to you the same day.  When she’s not here, she enjoying a bud light or a  shot of Jack on her boat. Good job Captain Janbo!


Rodney has been with us and does everything to help out around here as far as sales, warehouse, deliveries and customer service. A great asset to our entire team !!


This is Katie aka KK. Always walks thru our door with a smile and it shows when she says hello while taking calls.  KK has been here for almost two years and by far the best we have ever had at this particular job description.  She greets our customers and helps Jayne place orders for the largest home builder in Florida. Katie is in charge of our drivers and delivery schedules as well She is a person who gets it done.  Mother of three she is always here on time and is a happy camper!! Special thanks to KK for dealing with our everyday stuff!!

Audrey - Accounting

Matt - Driver

Matt has been with us for over a year now and is the best driver and treats our tub’s like they’re his!! Matt doesn’t say much but he’s going to be a daddy soon.

Our Showroom

Bri - Warehouse Manager