HS 6032 BF Lifestyle Showers

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HS 6032 BF Lifestyle Showers

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Overall Dimensions Installed:
60″W x 32″D x 74″ H
Note: the bottom of the shower must be 2″ below the finished floor for the treshold to be level with the finished floor
Gel Coat Finish
Flame spread rating of 25 or less
Smoke density rating of 450 or less per ASTM E84
Galvanized steel reinforced stiffeners
Extra reinforcing in all critical areas
Slip resistant floor 

21″ x 42″ Satin finish stainless steel grab bar vertically mounted, 1½” diameter
Choice of Naugahyde over foam rubber or a hard phenolic folding wheelchair transfer seat, factory installed
60″ Satin finish stainless steel curtain rod, installed
Drain is chrome-plated brass and included with shower strainer
Strainer has ¼” minimum grate openings and is flush with the floor surface
Unit is packaged in cardboard box on forklift pallet
Full LTL wooden shipping crate available as an option

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