Jetta Serene Falls WaterDance Baths

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Jetta Serene Falls WaterDance Baths

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Serene Falls

With up to 41 air injectors, the Serene Falls air bath allows you to escape from the stress of the day while you rejuvenate your mind and body with thousands of tiny air bubbles providing a gentle, soft-tissue massage.

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Standard Features

  • Up to 41 Air Injectors
  • 600 Watt Air Heater
  • Air Pulse & Air Wave Features
  • Electronic Timer
  • 1 HP Variable Speed Blower
  • Electronic Control
  • Auto & Daily Auto Purge/Dry Cycle
  • Reverse Molded Arm Rests (most models)
  • Low Density Insulating Foam
  • Mood Light
  • Easy-Level Adjustable Base

Exclusive options available for SereneFalls Baths:

  • Optional Injector Finishes
  • Waterfall Fill Spout
  • LED Chromatherapy
  • Grab Bars
  • Acrylic Skirt (some models)


Jetta guarantees that the water temperature in our insulated whirlpool and soaker baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original temperature after 30 minutes of use. Our fully insulated whirlpool and soaker baths with low density foam insulation and passive warm air induction systems help keep you warmer, longer.

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