TOTO Washlet Classic S500E

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TOTO Washlet Classic S500E

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Main WASHLET functions
Colors: Cotton & Sedona Beige
  • Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure
  • Select the temperature and pressure that’s right for you
  • Oscillating or Pulsating Functions for maximum comfort, take advantage of the oscillating or pulsating spray patterns.
  • Rear Soft Spray a soft, comfortable spray
  • Wide Front Spray a spray with a larger radius to cover more space.
  • Rear Cleanse Warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.
  • Heated Seat Comforting, warm seat
  • Front Cleanse warm water spray with adjustable water temperature and pressure.
  • E water+Eco-friendly, electrolyzed water spray that keeps the bowl cleaner
  • Warm Air Dryer warm air drying with adjustable temperature
  • Self-cleaning Wand
  • Wand is cleaned before and after every use.
  • Deodorizer air is filtered and purified.
  • Premist water spray that wets the bowl before use
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