Jason Forma Oval Bathtub 66 x 36 x 22′

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Jason Hydrotherapy in Forma Collection. Oval Bathtub with Dimensions 66 x 36 x 22″.

Product Description

Suitable for undermount installation
Room for one
Color Coordinated fittings
Jason Whirlpool baths feature fittings that are color coordinated to match the bath shell.
Patented Level-Form Base
Jason’s patented Level-Form™ base provides support for the entire base of the bath plus vibration and sound reduction. Insulating properties of the Level-Form™ base are designed to reduce heat loss.
Fitted Lumbar Support
Our baths provide gently contoured lumbar support and curved seat lines to cradle your body in comfort. Both the lumbar support and slanted backrest are designed to allow your body to achieve the optimally relaxed position.
Quiet Design Engineering
Silent air controls, quieter jets, streamlined low resistance plumbing and our patented Level-Form™ base all work together to reduce sound and insure a peaceful bathing experience.


Jason Hydrotherapy

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