Jetta BALI J-23V Whirlpool Bathtub

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72 x 42 x 24
Shape: Rectangle
Number of jets: 13

The attractive sculpted deck of the Bali combines beauty and comfort with an hourglass design and comfortable arm rests.

Product Description

Standard Features

  • 3 B.H.P. pump
  • Air Switch (on/off switch)
  • Tri-ssage Control for distinct pump flow rates
  • High gloss / high impact non-porous acrylic in white, biscuit and bone (optional decorator and designer colors available)
  • Totally insulated with polyurethane foam
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Pre-leveled lip
  • Passive warm air induction… this system quietly recirculates heat from the motor back to the bathwater through the jets
  • Operating Gallons (approx.) Regular Usage: 55 gal. / Upper Body Usage: 75 gal.

Upper body jets can be shut down for operation at a lower water level. All references to horsepower in Jetta technical materials refer to brake horsepower.


Jetta guarantees that the water temperature in our insulated whirlpool and soaker baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original temperature after 30 minutes of use. Our fully insulated whirlpool and soaker baths with low density foam insulation and passive warm air induction systems help keep you warmer, longer.




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