Sometimes remodeling your bathroom takes more space then you may have available, so there are some options that will help make the best out of your bathroom with minimal square footage. Depending on your layout of your bathroom you could take advantage of some small bathtub designs that might just give you that extra space. Here are some examples:

Japanese Style Bathtubs

Also known as ‘Ofuro’, the Japanese style tub continues to gain in popularity as bathtubs for small bathrooms. It exceeds the size of the standard American bathtub, but due to its design, it takes up half the space. These small bathtub designs are tall and deep rather than low and long. There is a seat inside of them that allows the bather to sit, relax, and meditate in the temperature controlled water. Depending on the amount of money that you have to invest in one of these bathtubs, they are made of fiberglass, porcelain and stainless steel, where the original models were made of wood.

Corner Bathtubs

Small bathtub designs for small bathrooms are easily available now that their need has been duly recognized. Both convenience and comfort are added to these smaller models, and the corner bathtub is no exclusion. The interior of the tub where you will be taking a bath is more circular in shape, with the exterior walls forming a square shape with two of the sides, fitting snugly into a corner of the room. Nestled away in this manner, it allows for more open floor space. These small bathtub designs can be purchased with whirlpool jets that will whisk away all the tension of a hard days work. These models are so comfortable that the most difficult part of ending the bath is removing oneself from the tub. Other units are molded to give the bather an armrest and a backrest. Small bathtubs for small bathrooms have never been better.

Round Bathtubs

If you are considering renovating your bathroom to make more of the small space you have, you just may want to consider round bathtubs. The redecorating project will be exciting as you discover what small bathtub designs for small bathrooms can do. The most exasperating part of the whole project will be choosing the model of round bathtub that you want to install. No sooner will you think you have made a decision than you will find another model. There are some who will wonder if a round tub will not offer the same amenities as a standard tub, but there is nothing to fear. A round tub can come with a seat and water jets like most of the larger models.

Square Bathtubs

Turning an outdated, overly small bathroom into an oasis of comfort can be easily done if the right choices are made. Even very small bathtub designs can be made to look twice their size. The term square bathtub can bring on illusions of a rather odd bathtub, but only the exterior is square. The interior supplies nothing but pure relaxation.

Molded to offer added comfort, a person would be happy to sit and soak for an hour or more. Most of the new models are formed of fiberglass. They are one-piece units that are placed against two walls, and make the small space feel like it just grew another eight feet. Small bathtub designs for small bathrooms are here, and more people are making use of their unique design.

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