Updating Your Bathroom: Tubs, Showers, Toilets, and More

Updating Your Bathroom: Tubs, Showers, Toilets, And More

Bathroom updates can be expensive and time-consuming, but if you go about these changes smartly, you can update your space with affordability and ease. Tubs and More Decorative Plumbing Showroom has all you need, whether new faucet fixtures, sinks, toilets, or tubs. Bathrooms are used multiple times a day, so why not make your space […]

Find The Best Bathtub Showroom In Sunrise Florida

Find The Best Bathtub Showroom In Sunrise Florida

When updating your bathroom, choosing the right bathtub can be a more difficult decision than you may have expected. Whether you are remodeling, adding a new bathroom, or replacing old fixtures, the right tub can be the finishing touch to bringing the whole design together. At Tubs and More Plumbing Showroom, we can provide you […]

Choose a Jacuzzi For a Bathtub Remodeling

Choose A Jacuzzi For A Bathtub Remodeling

Since the first hot tub for home use was manufactured in 1968 (which included a bathtub remodeling), the market for hot tubs has continued to renew and innovate to provide the best products to users. However, until today, it’s strange to find bathroom’s houses designed to receive an eventual jacuzzi, knowing that, rather than a luxury, it […]

Bathtub Remodeling? Some Options for Small Bathrooms

Bathtub Remodeling? Some Options For Small Bathrooms

A standard, ordinary bathroom  may not seem to have the adequate capacity to accommodate a bathtub within itself, but with some special designs of bathtubs or a bathtub remodeling, it can be achieve what seems impossible. That way, if you think that your bathroom is too small, call us first and see the possibilities we […]