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What a nice surprise!
What a nice surprise! It was so nice meeting you the other night at Clive Daniels and to see your wonderful show room there! So glad to have you in Naples! I have been a customer of DougsTubs since 2004. I was at Clive Daniel, a very upscale furniture store in Naples Florida, for a Realtor/Builder's Open House. While there I, met the gentleman who has a new showroom of Plumbing fixtures within the store. We were chatting about the wonderful new products available, when I asked him where he was from. He replied Ft. Lauderdale area. I told him that I was loyal to Dougs Tubs, who is also from that area as they have the best products and customer service and also give me Great Deals! He surprised me by saying, " That's me!" It is such a small world and I am delighted to have Dougs Tubs in Naples!

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