Have you ever walked into someone’s bathroom and drew your breath in because it was so lovely? Chances are they had a cast iron bathtub that served as the focal point of the room. For years this has been the tub of choice for its beauty, durability, and appeal. Often trimmed in beautiful accents and coming with or without the clawfoot addition, this deep, wide well encourage any who view it to sit, relax, and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Cast iron bathtubs are known for their ability to retain heat. This is not only an asset to the user, but is energy-efficient as well. With their smooth and polished finished they provide a velvety silkiness that, in itself, is comforting and the wide design and long length ensures that the user experiences the fabulous sensation of floating which ensures maximum relaxation.

The Benefits Of A Cast Iron BathtubCast iron bathtubs have been manufactured for many years, yet today’s technology has allowed for changes in construction that have expanded design features. Construction of the basic bathtub is similar to that of the past, but the number of styles and features has greatly increased in recent years. Cast iron bathtubs are now made as corner units, recessed tubs, free-standing, and are even found in drop-in units which not only expand their flexibility, but their desirability as well. Additionally, they come in a variety of price-points as well in order to fit any budget.

As they always have, cast iron bathtubs are made to last a lifetime. Their enamel finish is resistant to chipping and, if they do chip, is easily repaired. They can also be re-glazed periodically to ensure that quality shine is maintained. One can still purchase vintage cast iron bathtubs which are still in pristine condition and can be purchased for a fraction of their original cost. Although the sizes of original designs were limited and usually narrower, they still hold their original appeal and can even increase the value a home.

To create these unique bathtubs, molten liquid iron is poured into mold and then is further shaped as the tub cools. Some even have apron fronts. Since they are made of pure iron they are long-lasting and easy to care for. Fire polishing enhances their vivid exterior color giving them a high gloss finish. The interior is then glazed with a porcelain finish that gives it an incredible shine in an array of popular colors. Some are even available in whirlpool, air-tub, and double-slipper designs to accommodate any need.

Installation of a cast iron bathtub helps owners achieve an upscale look with an element of nostalgia. It can make any bathroom look timeless. Although most homes are equipped with the foundation and flooring required to support the weight of a cast iron bathtub, it is always recommended an expert be consulted before it is installed. With so many choices available today, the only concern for a purchaser is deciding which size, model, design, and features to include. After all, since it will last a lifetime it is important that the choice be one a person can live with; for a very long time.