Corner bathtubs come in a variety of styles. The installation of corner bathtubs is a way to use efficiently the space in a small bathroom. Your choice depends on your bath design and decorating scheme. For example, if the rest of your home has a Victorian style, then consider using a bath with claw-shaped brackets.

To have a more modern service in your bathroom, use a corner bathtub, or go a step further and install a whirlpool tub. In case you choose any of these models, there’s an important point to consider: how to go up to the second floor bath. You have to be aware of that eventuality!

Integrated Bathtubs

Choose a bathtub that can be integrated into the corner, so a uniform effect can be achieved in the room. Make sure the faucet and other plumbing terminals are easily accessible from the front, through a door that is part of the design of the tub. Once the tub is installed, it will stay there until the bathroom is remodeled. Many of these tubs are manufactured to fit any corner and are light enough to move easily from a ladder.

Keeping Lightweight

If you are installing a corner bathtub on the second floor, you should avoid heavy tubs made of cast iron or hot tubs that are very complex. They are very difficult to carry, and your stairs may not be wide enough to allow a lifting system pass through them. If it is a heavy bathtub, is better to reserve it for the first floor, where you can create a sauna, a toilet or spa room on the side of the house, or even outside by the pool.

The Best Materials for Bathtubs on the Second Floor

Many sold bathtubs ready to purchase are made of acrylic or glass fiber. You can also instruct your seller a custom design for your corner bathtub, but it could end up being a fixed design, and to be built on the site. It is not difficult to obtain and build materials, but it will be almost impossible to remove in one piece. Make sure that getting in and out of the tub is easy; whether it is necessary to place a ladder or a handrail to give additional support, ask a specialist to install.

Tubs and More Plumbing Showroom

If you have no idea of what you want to use, come to our plumbing showroom and any store assistant can show you the different styles of corner bathtubs and whirlpools we have available. Our consultants can give you the best options based on your needs and your budget as well as the costs and installation programs to help facilitate the process. 

The Best Corner Bathtubs For Your Home

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