Does your bathroom feel outdated? Have you dreamed of updating your bathroom and don’t know how to get started? The addition of a freestanding tub or a stylish and useful new sink can turn your bathroom into a comfortable and rewarding oasis. We all use our bathroom every day, multiple times a day, so it should be a welcoming and pleasant room with a touch of style and a modern and useful feel. Tubs and More Decorative Plumbing Showroom has been servicing and helping customers since 1986, and we have a wide variety of bathroom styles and appliances to choose from.

Freestanding Tubs

If you are looking to add a touch of modernism with a classic twist to your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a freestanding tub. Our showroom allows you to see first hand the numerous styles, colors, and varieties of freestanding tubs we have available. Freestanding tubs add a level of chic style while creating a relaxing and comfortable addition to your bathroom. Why not create a satisfying and serene oasis in your most-used room? Tubs and More can help to customize your space, keeping all your wants and needs with our high-quality and affordable products. We ensure your satisfaction as we have numerous styles and brands of freestanding tubs, with the option to choose the shape that will bring your bathroom aesthetic together. Freestanding bathtubs are easier to install than built-in tubs and offer uniqueness to any bathroom.

Our Showroom

Tubs and More has the professional resources and services to help get the job done. From sinks to tubs and showers, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures, we have got you covered. Our vast showroom in Weston, Florida, allows you to browse our products and get a feel for some of the brands and styles while you decide on what fits your needs and suits your bathroom. Redo your bathroom while staying within your budget and getting the best service and product brand. With brands like Aquatica Bath, Neptune, Fleurco, Stone Forest, Artos faucets, Jetta Bathtubs, and Dado Quartz, you can be sure to find the perfect product to complete your bathroom.

The experts at Tubs and More Decorative Plumbing Showroom gladly welcome all customers and are available to help answer any questions about installation, price, and product brands. Come see our vast showroom in sunny Weston, Florida, and take the first step to complete your bathroom renovation. Let us help you make your envisioned bathroom become a reality.