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We have, on many occasions, proclaimed our love for bath tubs. We have also wholeheartedly celebrated the lovely products of Victoria & Albert Baths.
Their continued sponsorship of Blog Tour provides us with the perfect excuse to remind you of why we love them so much and the opportunity to use some of the images from their beautiful new website.

The is a tub for a long, long soak. It would require plenty of hot water and uniformed, or not, staff to bring appropriate refreshments. We understand that Chablis is the appropriate wine for bath time imbibing but we’ll be interested in opinions. It certainly requires something a little more glamorous than tea and toast. This is the Amalfi Slipper Bathtub with graceful uncluttered lines and an extended backrest providing head support. And we’re loving the idea of there being two side by side. In hand holding distance, no less.

Victoria & Albert Bathtubs – Volcanic Limestone BathtubsThe Cabrits Bathtub is the newest model from Victoria & Albert. Contoured to fit the body I have only tried it without water and with clothing – much to the relief of the showroom staff. Even so,  it is incredibly comfortable, not to mention distinctive. And, if you are within any sort of reasonable distance from London’s Design Centre Chelsea Harbour between Sunday 23rd Sept – Wednesday 26th September you are invited to visit the Victoria and Albert showroom to relax in a spa environment and try the Cabrits for yourself. For those who visit, experience and  share their views, there is a chance to win a spa day. Indulgence upon indulgence! You can see why Victoria & Albert bathtubs are our sort of people!

Victoria & Albert Bathtubs – Volcanic Limestone BathtubsThe Napoli Bathtub is, for me, the classic Victoria and Albert bath. I have seen attempted copies but nothing comes close to the original which really shows off the  Quarrycast, the  finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with resin from which all of their tubs are made. The Napoli is simply a pleasing shape, pure and aesthetic.

Victoria & Albert Bathtubs – Volcanic Limestone BathtubsAnd finally, on our quick whistle stop tour of a few of our favourite tubs from Victoria and Albert Baths, the Edge Bathtub.  The temptation to insert a picture here of the effects pedal obsessed guitarist from Irish Stadium rockers U2 was almost overwhelming but the tub from Victoria and Albert is, we think you will agree, a lot better looking. Compact and cubic, Edge Bath retains the elegance of the rest of the range without needing so much space.

Victoria and Albert Bathtubs have been building a world wide reputation for their  freestanding baths and basins since their formation in 1996 and we are really proud to have them as continuing Blog Tour sponsors.

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